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sainsbury theatre | LAMDA | june 2023

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Writer: Suhayla El-Bushra, after Nicholi Erdman
Director: Oliver Dawe
Designer: Hazel Low
Costume Supervisors: Caitlyn Keaney and Tabitha Stock
Costume Assistants: Daniella B-G and Niamh Parsons
Lighting Designer: Simeon Miller
Sound Designer and Composer: Murong Li
Stage Manager: Lily O'Connor
Deputy Stage Manager: Becca Harris
Assistant Stage Managers: George Rogers and Maya Thompson
Production Manager: Jasmin Meera-Wall
Construction Crew: Callum Duncan, Ronan McKenna and Enna Stephens

Cast: Uriel Blankson, Kat Dulfer, Naia Elliott-Spence, Molly Elson, Ava Hinds-Jones, Isaac Jean-Meiro, Oliver John, Lucy Karczewski, Jacob Mechan, Mahaila Palmer, Alfayd Raji, John Rice, Moses Walsh, Zoe Zak.

Photography: Nick Rutter

costume designs: page to stage

Ava Hinds Jones in The Suicide.jpg
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