Hazel Low is a performance designer and theatre maker based in London.

Hazel's practice is multidisciplinary, and they value collaboration above all else. They are interested in creating work that challenges an audience's expectations, and design that is intrinsically linked to the performers on stage. As a queer and gender non conforming person, Hazel is passionate about creating work that centres around these themes, and raising awareness of other marginalised voices. They are interested in assemblage and breaking forms, as well as image making through objects on stage. Hazel is also looking for opportunities to forge new connections with experimental directors, choreographers and live artists.

As well as designing performance, Hazel has also worked on design for temporary spaces. Recently they were Associate Designer on transforming an office block into the revolutionary rehearsal complex NDT BROADGATE, and designed the Royal Court Theatre's pop up bar COURT IN THE SQUARE.

Current Work: 

Designer/Curator for Route 27 Exhibition | Gate Theatre, Pembridge Road, London. October 2022.

Costume Designer/Supervisor on Paradise Now | Directed by Jaz Woodcock - Stewart | Bush Theatre, London. November 2022.



The Blue House | Helikon Theatre, directed by Myles O'Gorman | Blue Elephant Theatre, London. June 2022.  


Who Killed My Father | A co-design with Blythe Brett | Surrogate Productions, directed by Nora Wardell | Tron Theatre, Glasgow. 2022.


Set Dresser on The Burnt City | Punchdrunk, directed by Felix Barrett | One Cartridge Place, London. 2022.


Splintered | Lagahoo Productions, directed by Emily Aboud | Soho Theatre Upstairs, London. 2022.

The Magic Flute | A co-design with Rosie Elnile | directed by Polly Graham | Royal College of Music, London. 2022.

A Midsummer Night's Dream | Helikon Theatre, directed by Myles O'Gorman | Latimer House, Buckinghamshire. 2021. 


Belly Up | Daring Hare Productions, directed by Lauren Dickson | Vault Festival, London. 2020. 

Men Come Second | The Impulse Company, co-directed by Scott Williams and Trine Garrett | Baron's Court Theatre, London. 2019.

Memories | Prime Presents, directed by Prime Isaacs | Lyric Hammersmtih, London. 2019. 

Feels | Mwarsha Featre, directed by T.D. Moyo | Lyric Hammersmith, London. 2019.

An Exhibition in First Impressions | Choreographed by Daniel Conant | The Place, London. 2017.

Delorean | Directed by John Ivay | Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh (Fringe). 2017.

Assisting/Associate Work:

Naomi Kuyck-Cohen

I, Joan | Shakespeare's Globe, London 2022. (As associate)

Naomi Kuyck-Cohen and Joshua Gadsby

Blood Show Monster Show | Disrupt Festival, The Junction, Cambridge 2022. (As associate)

The Winston Machine | New Diorama, London. 2022. (As associate)

Trainers, Or The Brutal Unpleasant Atmosphere Of This Most Disagreeable Season | Gate Theatre, London. 2020. (As assistant)

Rosie Elnile

Thirst Trap | Fuel Theatre/Rae Young. 2021 (As assistant)