Hazel Low is a London based theatre designer, scenographer, and illustrator.

Hazel is a recent graduate from Wimbledon College of Arts (UAL) where they worked on both speculative and realised designs for a range of spaces. They are interested in creating work that challenges an audience's expectations, and design that is intrinsically linked to the performers on stage. As a queer and gender non conforming person, Hazel is particularly interested in creating work with collaborators who also identify as such. They are interested in assemblage and breaking forms, as they believe there is something inherently queer in these aesthetics. Hazel is currently assisting Rosie Elnile on various projects. 

Live Work Includes:

As Designer: Belly Up Vault Festival (2020), Men Come Second Barons Court Theatre (2019), Memories Lyric Hammersmith and UK Tour (2019), Feels Lyric Hammersmith (2019), The Great Brain Robbery Presents: Tech Noir Standon Calling Festival (2018), An Exhibition in First Impressions The Place (2017), Delorean Assembly Rooms at Edinburgh Fringe (2017), Cooking Up a Storm Wimbledon College of Arts Theatre (2017).

As Assistant Designer: Trainers: Or The Brutal Unpleasant Atmosphere Of This Most Disagreeable Season The Gate (2020).

As Associate Designer: The Little Prince Clapham Omnibus (2019).

Filmed Work Includes:

As Art Director: Roundtable Four8 Stories Web Series (2019), Never Seen The Start Bran Mazz Music Video (2018), Giving It Up Amapola Music Video (2018).

As Art Assistant: Sad Cowboy Goat Girl Music Video (2020), Salv Goes to Hollywood Sega Bodega Music Video (2020), Colours Josie Man Music Video (2019).

Full CV available on request.