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everyman theatre | liverpool | april 2024

Writer: Joe Ward Munrow
Director: Jude Christian
Designer: Hazel Low
Lighting Designer: Laura Howard
Sound Designer: Kieran Lucas
Costume Supervisor: Shellby Hamer
Stage Manager: Kate Eccles
Deputy Stage Manager: Roxanne Vella
Assistant Stage Manager: Kaila Sharples
Company Stage Manager: Sarah Lewis

Voice Coach: Elspeth Morrison
Producer: Michelle Callieux
Production Manager: Dan Franklin
Assistant Production Manager: Diego Gutiérrez Córdoba
Automation: Mike Cantley
Stage Crew: Jack Higham 

Cast: Reuben Johnson, Menyee Lai, Shaun Mason

Set built by: RT Scenic

Photography: Marc Brenner

- The Financial Times

A powerful new play about work, automation and capitalism’s impact – a show for anyone who’s ever put in a hard day’s graft.

With 256 possible versions written, rehearsed and ready to perform, The Machine will select what we see – live, on the night, right in front of our eyes. From the Luddites’ nineteenth century war against new technology through to London, Liverpool, Lagos and beyond. 

'design by Hazel Low was ingenious'

- Theatre and Tonic

'Hazel Low’s factory-floor set of pipework and conveyor belts creates a persuasive workplace atmosphere'

- The Stage

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