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Paradise Now!-04.png

bush theatre main space | december 2022

Writer: Margaret Perry
Director: Jaz Woodcock-Stewart
Designer: Rosie Elnile
Costume Designer and Design Associate: Hazel Low
Costume Maker: Ruth Best
Lighting Designer: Alex Fernandes
Sound Designer and Composer: Jasmine Kent Rodgman
Movement Director: Sung Im Her
Movement Consultant: Ioli Filippakopoulou
Dramaturg: Deirdre O’Halloran
Assistant Director: Dubheasa Lanipekun
Casting Director: Polly Jerrold
Company Stage Manager (tech and performances): Adrianna Perucca
Company Stage Manager (rehearsals): Aida Bourdis
Assistant Stage Manager: Tayla Hunter
Production Manager: Tabitha Piggot

Cast: Annabel Baldwin, Michele Moran, Shazia Nicholls, Ayoola Smart, Rakhee Thakrar, Carmel Winters

Photography: Helen Murray


In Paradise, you’re your own boss. In Paradise, you could make a fortune. Embraced by a new community of women just like her, Gabriel rises through the ranks of the company like a shooting star.

But when she gets to the top, it doesn’t quite feel like she thought it would.

A funny and raging new play about ambition, exploitation and the search for connection in a fractured world.


Costume concepts | Hazel Low, 2022

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